Blog Logo design - start with a drawing

Logo – is a graphic mark or symbol making possible identification
and recognition. It may be of an abstract or figurative design or include the text of the name it represents.

Logos are everywhere: on products, cars, clothes, phones, accompany us every day. Many companies can lose their customers, without even knowing it, through unsuccessful designs.
A logo should not be exaggerated, usually, there are maximum three colors used or even only one to create logo.
Such visual identification should reflect the company and its activities, but should also feature the value important for its customers.
Logo should be original, do not copy the logo of bigger players, this is not the way to succeed.
Features of a good logo design: simple, timeless and distinctive from the competition.
Logo may consist of: signet, logotype, tagline.

Few steps that may help to make logo design:

  • Brief – to know the needs and vision of the client;
  • Mind map – putting ideas into paper;
  • Refining and choosing the best designs;
  • Presentation of a finished design to the client along with the brand book.

Designing a logo is a simple process, but it is best to start with a drawing. A mind map put into paper will make it easier to go through the design process. It will help to choose the right form, colours, words and shapes. A finished design addressed to a client should contain a brand book, i.e. instructions on how to use a given logo.

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