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Not always a strong financial breeze hit the sails of our boat. We know that it is not money that drives the company's development, but people who will sit in the oars when needed.

When looking for new employees, we assess not only experience and competence but also personality. Loyal and engaged members of our team are the company's most valuable and important asset, which allows us
to achieve new, ambitious goals every year.

We are constantly developing, we learn from our own mistakes,
we are always looking for better solutions, but we never lose sight of our employee's needs and opinions.

By joining our team, you will join the family. As in any family, there are nice and not very nice moments, but always at the end of the day, we wish each other with a smile a nice afternoon.


Do we know how a work-life balance rule works?
It’s better to ask if we respect that philosophy.

Our company employs parents of toddlers, active students, people with different needs and personalities. We respect their personalities and understand their problems. We try to support them in everyday challenges as it's supposed to be in the family.

Although we didn't have a team-building trip for Majorca yet, we sometimes organize a barbecue in the company garden and don't work after hours.
We know how to distinguish urgent jobs from those that can be done later.

If you want to work with us, write an email, call or just meet us and let's talk. Even if we're not hiring at the moment, your potential and your attitude can inspire us to change our minds.

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